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Michelin offers location datasets with a focus on growth-generation. Take a look and don’t hesitate to send us your requests.

Since the arrival of the smartphones, location and geographical data has become an essential input for a vast array of digital products, services and solutions. Few days go by without applications using location data to help you do or plan something. This is obviously the case in the areas of mobility and travel. We have selected unique and specific datasets which aim to improve peoples’ lives, offer services and support new applications.

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  • Journey-cost-dataset
    Journey costs

    A Michelin API provides toll data so users may obtain total journey costs when planning an itinerary on the ViaMichelin website.

  • truckfly POI data img
    Truckfly POIs

    This dataset compiles statistics on truck driver Points of Interest by county, in the French region of Hauts de France.

  • metro dataset
    Metro Line Curvature Analysis

    This dataset shows the results of a curvature analysis for the Paris Metro's line 14.

  • plan smartphone
    Maps and itineraries

    Enriched mobility experiences. APIs  for tailor-made journey calculations : itineraries, proximity search, geocoding, reverse geocoding, auto-completion, mapping, toll prices,…

  • Winter car
    Road Safety in Winter

    Our dataset "France winter equipment legislation" improves the services offered by the editors of calculation and/or comparison of routes.

  • Smartphone
    Michelin Track Connect Tracks

    This dataset gathers GPS position and course circuit layout information for 584 racing tracks in all parts of the world. It also includes GeoJSON shapes of the tracks, when available.


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