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Our dataset and data collection capabilities are designed to get deeper information on driving behavior. This helps insurance companies create value or reduce cost.

The arrival of Big Data has turned the insurance industry on its head. The insurance rating system has traditionally been based on socio-demographic data (income, location, age, type of vehicle...). The emergence of Big Data has provided an unprecedented opportunity to collect deeper and more personalized data. As vehicles become increasingly connected and loaded with electronic components, the automotive insurance field is particularly affected by this data driven phenomenon.

This new paradigm is confronted with a stricter European data protection framework and growing apprehensiveness from consumers who feel technology companies track too many aspects of their lives. This is why we have created a dataset that can be used by the motorsports community without exposing information on a particular customer.

Michelin Track Connect is an application used on amateur racing circuits. This application gives drivers detailed information on their races such as speed, lap time and other metrics related to their driving behavior. This information enables insurance companies to create offerings for their thrill-seeking customers or simply optimize pricing for existing offers. In addition to race data, we can provide data on the frequency of practice. The collected data remains anonymous and gives the insurer better means to define a loss ratio and refine pricing in line with risks incurred.

Below is a link to access the dataset corresponding to this use case. A sample can be downloaded for free.

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