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The automotive industry is becoming increasingly data-driven, with the volume and diversity of data transmitted by cameras, sensors and computers increasing daily. Driver assistance is becoming commonplace and digital technologies are spreading to the entire automotive sector, including logistics and manufacturing.

Michelin aims to be a leader in electronic tire identification through tires linked to a global technology ecosystem. This creates infinite potential for innovation and added value for customers.

Easier and wider access to tire specifications data, for instance, is a major lever for optimizing the process of component delivery, stock and assembly while guaranteeing quality requirements. Michelin RFID technology enables car manufacturers and the tire industry to leverage technology for improved operational efficiency. This makes part of vehicle data domain.

In your day-to-day activities as a car manufacturer, RFID can help eliminate time spent on certain low valued-added tasks. For example, when receiving tires, your team may spend time verifying the accuracy and compliance of the delivery. Managing your tire stock may also imply manually entering information in your inventory system. At several stages of your assembly line, you may need visual control points of the information on the tire sidewalls. Leveraging RFID technology can allow you to automate these tasks.

Michelin RFID solutions can also help increase overall reliability of your inventory procedures. RFID technology allows for individual tire identification, processing of driving efficiency data and data relevant to each unit. With relevant and accurate data for upcoming deliveries, logistics depots can anticipate the workload and reduce manual controls.

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