French winter legislation for road safety

Reducing accidents and traffic jam

To limit traffic jams on the roads in mountainous regions and improve drivers' safety, it’s now mandatory to equip your car with winter tires or keep chains in your trunk during the winter period in specific French towns and roads. Which vehicles and departments are concerned? Chains, winter tires or studded tires, what equipment is mandatory ?

The Law for the modernization, development and protection of French mountain territories, known as the "Loi Montagne 2" of December 28, 2016, came to modify the Highway Code.

Its implementing decree, which came out on October 18, 2020, makes special equipment (winter tires, chains) mandatory from November 1 to March 31, in certain mountain areas, in winter period. The vehicles concerned are private vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and coaches/buses.

Our dataset "vehicle winter equipment French regulation", accessible via an API, lists the departments, the communes, the roads concerned by this law as well as the prefectural decree. The editor of a driving assistance route planner application will be able to integrate it into his system as a new service. Thanks to this dataset, applications can target their message according to the location of routes or vehicles. A driver arriving in the area concerned by the new French law is thus informed of the necessary equipment and the type of tire he is required to use. The message can be sent either beforehand, when planning a trip on the application, or at the very moment he enters the zone concerned.

The information thus shared with the user will bring additional value to all the services provided by the editor. The feeling of being informed about the traffic rules and thus being in conformity with the law, of being better protected against the risks of accident and of a possible blockage on the roads affected by the bad weather.

Below is a link to access the dataset corresponding to this use case. A sample can be downloaded for free.

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