Leveraging data for smarter, safer and greener mobility

Our platform provides download or API access to a wide variety of location, road, vehicle, tire and driver behavior data


The MICHELIN Mobility Intelligence platform is your one-stop shop for new, well-documented, high-quality mobility data products.

Michelin has always been a leader in mobility. The company's roots lie in its famous tyre brand and guides & maps to offer drivers the best mobility experiences.

Today, thanks to digitalization, Michelin places its emphasis on the three key benefits that mobility data collection offers: smarter, safer, and greener solutions.

We collect unique sources of data (from vehicles, tires or driver experiences apps)

We transform those collected data with our algorithms’ capabilities and unique understanding of vehicle usage to build exclusive insights

We valorize those data products to develop more efficient and cost-effective solutions (SMART), to improve road infrastructure safety management (SAFE) and to drive energy efficient and sustainable transformation (GREEN)  



Vehicles driving on a road
Safer Roads

Innovative services to manage easily and efficiently your road safety plans

Better Roads
Better Roads

Visualize and analyze your roads with ratings generated by artificial intelligence.

Mobility Data
Mobility Data

Improve your mobility analysis and optimize your investments with representative connected vehicles insights.

Latest data products