Michelin, a key player in Connected Mobility

Michelin, a key player in Connected Mobility

The increasing digitization of activities and diffusion of data have contributed to improvements in safety, performance, and reduced environmental impacts. With its extensive experience of harnessing data from connected objects, Michelin is positioning itself as a key leader in connected mobility.


By increasing individual safety, via driver analysis and recommendations, Maintenance Planning tools, Tire Pressure & Wear Monitoring & Alerts, Compliance Checks, and more


By optimizing the economy and the operational efficiency by better tracking of performance, availability, vehicle miles traveled, fuel usage, and so on, and by developing and innovating. 


By mitigating the impact on the environment by cutting down on CO2 emissions, helping with the transition to electric and hydrogen-powered mobility, and by reducing tire demand by recycling, and so on.

Mobility Intelligence unlocks the power of data and transforms the businesses of our customers through unique insights making mobility smarter, greener, and safer. Objective: To equip our private and public partners with data-driven decision-making tools for solving mobility problems.

With more than a million vehicles under contract, and millions of connected IOTs, Michelin relies on its expertise in algorithms and data science to deliver agile solutions for mobility players.